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What Is UCC Code In India | UCC Kanoon Kya Hota Hai, UCC Kanoon

Understanding UCC: when is Uttarakhand implementing UCC… here's everything you need to know..

Hello readers, daily we read receive the latest news and then we inform the real news to y’all.. Today we got a news about UCC, which is recently implemented in Uttarakhand. In this article, we’ll know about what this particularly is and what is the recent news. We’ll also make you understand what is ucc in India and how is it connected to Uttarakhand. let’s understand this better and together.

What Is UCC in India? What is the full form of UCC?

UCC, which is uniform civil code is a set of rules and law , aiming to govern personal matters such as , marriage, adoption, divorce in a simple and efficient manner. The rules are made without the consideration of religion, caste, gender etc under article 44 .
“the State shall endeavour to secure for the citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India.”

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(Uniform Civil Code) UCC in Uttarakhand..

In Uttarakhand , a five member panel for set up to make the UCC which gave it’s final report to the CM on Friday morning.
The CM Pushkar Singh Dhami said ,
“On February 12, 2022, we made a promise to the people of Uttarakhand to implement UCC. The submission of the final report is a step forward in fulfilling our commitment,” “The committee submitted a 749-page report along with the draft UCC in four volumes today. It will be tabled in the state assembly on February 6 for discussion. It will be examined and then it will be implemented.”
This draft included many recommendations including, same age marriage for all caste girls, also easy and appropriate divorce measures.

What Is UCC Code In India | UCC Kanoon Kya Hota Hai, UCC Kanoon
What Is UCC Code In India | UCC Kanoon Kya Hota Hai, UCC Kanoon

“As per the provisions, marriage registrations will become compulsory, girls will get maintenance allowance and polyandry will come to an end and so will halala. Provisions have been made for equal inheritance rights to males and females. Also, live-in relationships will have to get registered.” Adv. Ashwini Pandey said when he filed PIL on UCC.

This law basically will implement several rules, irrespective of their religion and caste. If this law is implemented then Uttarakhand will be the first state to follow this after independence.

Making of this draft was a result of 2.33 lakh written suggestions and held 60 meetings with interacting 60K people . If legislation on the UCC is passed, it will fulfill a major promise made by the BJP to the people of the state ahead of the 2022 Assembly elections, in which the party swept power for the second consecutive term win .

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