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Dusted Apollo Butterfly spotted in Himachal Pradesh, Dusted Apollo Butterfly UPSC, Interesting Facts, and more.

Hello friends, we recently discovered a new species of butterfly which is Dusted Apollo Butterfly.. which is recently spotted and captured in Himachal Pradesh during a trek at manimahesh lake in chamba. This recent news is very important for UPSC aspirants and can be asked as a question in the exams. In this article we’ll know about what is dusted Apollo butterfly and dusted Apollo butterfly interesting facts as it might help in UPSC.

Dusted Apollo Butterfly UPSC

What is Dusted Apollo butterfly?

Dusted Apollo butterfly which is scientifically known as Parnassius mnemosyne is a very rare butterfly species mostly found in the regions of Europe and Asia. Currently it’s very rarely found as it’s facing habitat loss , climate change and human activities. As it’s found mostly in higher altitudes, people have spotted it in Himachal Pradesh and captured its beauty.

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Dusted Apollo Butterfly spotted in Himachal Pradesh, Dusted Apollo Butterfly UPSC, Interesting Facts, and more.
Dusted Apollo Butterfly spotted in Himachal Pradesh, Dusted Apollo Butterfly UPSC, Interesting Facts, and more.

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Interesting Facts About Dusted Apollo butterfly…

This butterfly belongs to Papilionidae family and is part of the genus Parnassius. It is mostly found in high altitude areas, rocky slopes and mountains. It can be spotted in Pyrenees and Alps from Europe and Himalayas and Altai in Asia.

The thing which attracts the most about this butterfly is it’s beauty and elegance. It’s wings has a pattern of white, gray and black looking like a lace.
Its life cycle is just the same as of any other butterfly including all the stages egg, larva (caterpillar), pupa (chrysalis), and adult.

Though it’s very beautiful but, this species is facing a threat from the environment. Deforestation, urbanization and infrastructure development are the main causes for the challenge to its presence.
These are mostly seen during the spring season because of the habitat and seasonal challenges. Making the reason that people are excited to capture it.

If we start making conservative efforts for the species, it might result in increased number of it and promote a longer life span.

Dusted Apollo Butterfly UPSC

As we learned that Dusted Apollo Butterfly was discovered in 1890. And recently this Dusted Apollo an extremely rare high-altitude butterfly has been seen in Himachal Pradesh. And you also know that UPSC contains a lot of questions regarding environmental GK. So This specific news or we can say information will help you answer it properly if you have read the above facts about it. Also, the questions might come just asking basic informations we mentioned in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why is it given the name of Apollo ?

The species is given the name behind a deity named Apollo.

Q2. What is the common name for Apollo butterfly?

This butterfly is also known as Snow Apollo.

Q3. Is Apollo butterfly endangered ?

yes, these species are endangered now, because of the loss of habitat.

Q4. How big are Apollo butterfly ?

These butterflies are mostly around 6-7 cms in males and 7-9 cms in females.

Q5. What is the life span of Apollo butterflies?

They live for around 2-3 weeks.

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