Ramadan 2024: dates and significance of this festival.

As we all know this month is upcoming with a lot of festivals, Ramadan being one of them. As the upcoming crescent moon islamic people celebrate the beginning of Ramadan this month. This festival is a sign of Unity, Spiritual growth, and Self Discipline. This auspicious festival marks the celebration with fasting and prayers for their god. Let’s see when is Ramadan 2024 and what is it’s cultural significance.

When Is Ramadan 2024?

Ramadan is expected to fall from 10th March 2024 till 9th April 2024. This time period is extended till 29-30 days where islamic people observe fasts and spiritual doings. This is also celebrated as an auspicious festival among the people of Islam.

When Is Ramadan 2024
When Is Ramadan 2024

Fasting In Ramadan –

Fasting is the most significant part of the festival, which is known as ” sawm “. Till sunset, muslims avoid eating, drinking, smoking etc to carry on their fasts. They also prevent getting enagaged into anger or fights. This ritual of fasting is considered as an step for your spiritual discipline within yourself.

Cultural Practices –

Throughout the Ramadan month, people exchange gifts with their loved ones and decorate their houses and mosques. Special foods like Dates and Ramadan sweets are shared with their loved ones. Many charitable doings are also preferred during this time such as donating something or feeding someone.

The powerful nights of Ramadan –

The last ten days of Ramadan is practiced more spiritually and is given more importance which is also called as Laylat-al-Qadr. The beliefs of this night is considered as the night where the Quran was first revealed in front of Prophet Mohammed by the Islamic God ” Allah “. These ten nights are highly practiced for spiritual practice and holy doings.

The End Of Ramadan –

The last night of the Ramadan festival is observed as Eid al Fitr. This day is the day of thanksgiving, gifts giving, and expressing gratitude. Eid-al-Fitr means the festival of breaking the fasts, generally referred to as people ending there one month and long fast on this day. This day is a reminder for the faith, unity, and passion for their culture.

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